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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008- Updates

Another Christmas has gone by. What a year it has been. My son will be 6 in September and my husband and I are amazed at how time flies. Now, back to my Acromegaly. Overall, I have been feeling better but I am still experiencing episodes were I swell and feel terrible. I have been monitoring the weeks when I do not feel great and it always ends up the week and sometimes two weeks before I am due for my Sandostatin injection. I have been sharing my concerns with my medical team and finally after my IGF-1 test was taken in November 2008 the results show that my GH levels are slightly high (352). Instead of receiving my Sando injection (20mg) every 4 weeks, I will start receiving them every 3 weeks at the same dose to see if there is a decrease in my GH levels. My new treatment plan should commence end of January 2009. I can't wait!!!