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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Me with my kids. Time flies with 2. Sydney is great. We have lot of fun together. She is going to be 4 months on December 19th. Devon just adores his sister. He is a great big brother and loves to help.
I did receive results of my last IGF-1 tests: August was a reading of: 518 and September was: 447. I was just at the Lab this week for another IGF-1 blood test to see if my levels are going down? They are still quite high for me. Pre pregnancy, my levels were in normal range, around the 200. I'm also scheduled for my MRI on Tuesday December 7th. I'm looking forward to the results. I'm still experiencing certain symptoms and hope that it will be rectified once my levels are stablized. Once I get my latest IGF-1 results and the results of the MRI, I will be scheduling an appointment with the Endocronologist in Montreal to discuss maybe increasing my Sando for a while until I'm back on track.
The holidays are fast approaching. May you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones.