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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI

My husband and I finally travelled to Toronto today.  To and from home, it was about 10 hours in the car.  It was a draining day but sunny.  Met with Dr. Gentili and his team.  Overall, the appointment was positive (my husband's words).  I was trying to think positive because at this stage of the game I am so damn fed up.  I was going into this appointment determined NOT to have another MRI and have a "yes I will operate or no I will not" kind of appointment.  Well, you think I would get the drill by now...off I go for another MRI.  Dr. Gentili is sending me for a Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (which I have never had in the past).  He has requested these images and stated his reasons very clear.  They do make me more comfortable.  He needs these  before he makes his final verdict on possible surgery again?.  He did explain that he does not go in blind and needs a target.  I get that.  Also, my pituitary is intact (which I want it to stay that way).  He also went on to say that he does want remission for me YAY  (what does that entail?!?!).  So, now I wait for my MRI appointment and a follow-up visit with him (all in Toronto).  Wait, wait, wait, is what I do. 
Thinking of you all,