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Monday, June 13, 2011

September 2011 marks 5 years post surgery

Haven't posted in a while. Being a mother to 2 children keeps things very busy. Overall, my health has been good. I have been back on my Sandostatin injections every 3 weeks (20mg) right after the birth of my daugther (Aug 2010). My IGF-1 levels have been dropping and returning to normal. Wow, was looking for a picture to post of my family and could only find a christmas picture. I will use this picture taken at Easter of my daughter and I and will update hopefully soon (hehe).

IGF-1 results:

March 2010: 251

April 2010: 210

July 2010: 307

August 2010: 518

Sept 2010: 447

Jan 2011: 275

April 2011: 254

Happy summer and best of health to you!