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Monday, September 27, 2010

Private Nursing Services Arranged...YIPEE

Great news, within only 2 weeks of filling out the Enrollment Forms, I was set up with a wonderful Nurse who comes to my home to give me my Sandostatin injections...all FREE of charge thanks to Access Sandostatin. The program also involves follow-up phone calls, assessments and replacement drugs if the nurse should happen to damage the vial.
Another great thing about this program is I will have the pleasure of having the same nurse administer my Sando. These nurses have had intense training on properly administering the drug.
I, along with my family, are so thankful for this wonderful service. I've been spreading the news...local pharmacy, family doctor ....


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Access Sandostatin LAR ~ FREE program for Acromegalics

I am pleased to write that after a stressful search for a nurse to administer my Sandostatin injections, my Endocronologist shared with me (which she herself just find out about this program) that the company who makes the drug supplies FREE nursing services all across Canada!!!!

I called and inquired and shared my story. The representative was very warm and understanding and very efficient on the phone. She explained that my physician needs to fill out the enrollment forms and I should hear back from them immediately. I called my Endo's office (once again it is the patient who does all the leg work), gave the great news to her secretary, and explained that the doctor must request access to the program and fill-out paperwork. I will give it a good 2 to 3 weeks for both my Endo and Novartis to get back to me. If I do not hear back from either of them, I will call my Endo's office. The patient must always be on top of things.

Access Sandostatin LAR Program
*This program provides free nursing and financial services for individuals who use the medication Sandostatin. For example a person diagnosed with Acromegaly.