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Monday, April 23, 2012

Dosage Increase and Acro support in my hometown!!!

A couple of months ago, I was not feeling well and instinct told me that my GH was up.  Bloodwork confirmed my suspicions.  I was previously getting 30mg of Sandostatin every 3 weeks and as of last week, my physician increased my dose to 60mg of Sandostatin every 4 weeks.  Since my new dosage, I've been feeling amazing.  I was also sent for an MRI and am now awaiting results -hoping that my residual tumour has not grown.  For now, I am coping with my new dosage and only working 3 days out of 5.  I will visit my Endocronologist in the following weeks to discuss the MRI results and will ask for a repeat IGF-1 bloodwork.   In the meantime, my Endo requested that I continue only working short weeks until my results are in from the MRI.  I am definitely OK with that.

On a much brighter note, I had a wonderful visit with a new found "Acro" friend.  Jenna has recently moved to my hometown "Cornwall" and through our mutual nurse we have been connected.  As you can see, Jenna was diagnosed at the young age of 15 and is now 27 years of age and very beautiful.  Our morning together was comforting as we shared our stories with this crazy disease.   

We shall keep in touch for sure and I am blessed to have met this beautiful, well spoken young lady.

Julie from Canada