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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

60mg of Sandostatin LAR every 4 weeks is working for me!

It has now been a couple of months since my new increase and I feel wonderful.  Actually, I even stopped taking my blood pressure meds as my BP was too low.  When I asked my Endo if there was a recent study that allowed her to increase my dosage she explained that she is just experimenting right now.  It is an "old" drug and she is trying to find the right dosage for me.  Well, 60mg every 4wks works for me.  My GH levels in January 2012 were 4.37 and IGF-1 were 291.  After my increase dosage my GH levels dropped dramatically to 1.31 and my IGF-1 level went down a touch to 282.  What matters to me is not so much the numbers but how I feel.  For now, we are staying with the new dosage and will have repeat GH and IGF-1 bloodwork in December 2012.   My MRI results did not show any signs of growth.  Actually, they had difficulties seeing my residual tumour.